Takka Productions Website Redesign

Takka Productions is a web development agency based in Brighton. Following on from a rebrand, we applied the new branding and designs to the company website.

The website uses Angular 2 framework which improved the performance and experience of the website. Using this framework, the browser does not load a new webpage every time the user selects a different area of the site. This gives the website an app-like feel that a lot of people are more comfortable with. Because of this, I could add transitions between each section of the website which improved the user experience when transitioning between content.

Screenshot of Takka Productions home page

Takka Productions home page

We were focused on achieving a high quality of web accessibility on the website so it could be accessed by people with a diverse range of abilities. As well as following the standard guidelines, I also added accessibility settings that could be located when selecting the cog icon in the navigation. From here you can change the font size and website theme colour. This allows users to customise the website so they can read and find things easier.

Screenshot of Takka Productions website with accessibility settings open

Accessibility Settings with High Visibility theme selected

You can view the website here: takkaproductions.co.uk