Montfort Website Redesign

Montfort website scrolling down the page to show all content. Includes a featured image at top of page, a list of client logos, and the 'our services' section

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I worked with Pedal Creative to apply a redesign for the Montfort website. Montfort are passionate, experienced communications practitioners, offering wide in-house and agency experience in strategic consultancy and implementation.

I worked on the wireframe to start with. Each page has its own set of elements that needed reviewing and restructuring to ensure the layout was clearer and more precise to the client’s needs. The wireframe is an important stage as you can discuss visually with the client if any changes need to be made before spending too much time on development. This can save a lot of time later down the line and also creates a great reference to look back on through out the project.

Montfort website home page wireframe

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While working on the wireframe, key questions were raised and discussed with the client. Such as “What are the key areas of interest?” and “What content can be reduced or removed?”. Asking these questions gave me a better understanding of what the client wanted and helped shape the layout and design of the website.

Once the wireframe was agreed upon, the design stage began; which was passed on to Scarlet Cummins. Once we were happy with the final designs, I then applied the changes to the website.