We Mean Business – Video Content Creation

I worked alongside the Montfort team to create videos for We Mean Business, who are a coalition of organizations working with influential global businesses & investors, taking bold climate action & calling for ambitious policy.

Type of video

The videos will be used for Facebook and Twitter platforms. They rely on communicating to the user without the use of audio; this is because platforms like Facebook autoplay videos on mute. For this reason it is in the best interest of video creators to use visual captions instead of audio.

This change in content consumption has been referred to as The Silent Revolution. This is one example of how technology can change how content is created.


My role was to take the images and script I was given and create an engaging video. I used Adobe After Effects as my video editor of choice as it is a powerful video editing software, and I have a good knowledge of how the Adobe Creative Suite works. I then worked on the slide and copy transitions, sourced the music and made sure the video fitted We Mean Business‘s brand guidelines and played fluidly.

I am pleased with the end result of this video and look forward to continuing video work in the future.